Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Funday

Every Sunday for a the past two months (besides the days we were out of town), Scooter and I have hosted a handful of trainees at our house for cooking parties.  The first Sunday started because two of the trainees are Russian and Scooter and I were curious what Russian food was.  So we invited them to come over cook for us.  We had Pelmeni, kind of like dumplings.

After such a successful party, we decided to continue the tradition.  Week two was Thai theme so we cooked Pad Thai and a spicy peanut dip. 

Week three- Mediterranean night and The Sound of Music. 

Week four- Mexican Fiesta.  Week five- American night with mac and cheese, onion rings, grilled cheese, and tomato soup.  Sunday afternoons easily became one of the highlights of my week.

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