Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas in Bombay

This year’s Xmas had more of a Thanksgiving theme to it, which I thought was amazing.  Ben talked to the head chef from his brewery and was able to procure a ButterBall turkey for the occasion.  We went into the brewery early in the morning to cook the turkey and make gravy and stuffing.  It pays to be friends with a chef- Ben can make some amazing things!!!  I spent the entire morning snacking on what he was creating that by the time we showed up to the party (small party- 7 of us total) I could hardly eat anything else (for those who know me, that’s a big deal.)  Anyway, the house we went to was on the forth floor of an apartment building overlooking a giant intersection on one side and a giant sports field on the other.  AKA the perfect people watching place.  We talked and ate and drank for hours, watching the cops pull over anyone they could or watching any one of the 15 cricket games going on at once.  I was extremely impressed by how all the played could keep the games straight; only run after the ball in their game and dodge the others.  Not only that but there were 2 soccer games going on in the middle of it all.  So, Christmas 2012- another year away from family and friends (Ben aside), with no snow, and it was a blast.  So thankful I was with someone I knew for the holidays and also so thankful this entire group of friends welcomed me in and made me feel part of it all.

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