Thursday, February 14, 2013

Working away

This morning, while drinking coffee from my rooftop, I watched men adding another level to the building next to me.  At first I was slightly annoyed with the jackhammering, but after about 30seconds I stopped to actually watch them work.  I was sitting on the 5th story of the building, and they were at eye level with me.  I could see men and women coming up the stairs inside the unfinished building, carrying blocks and buckets of dirt up on their heads.  There was a constant stream of people coming up, bringing dirt, dumping it, and going back down.  Men on the top level were leveling the dirt and doing something else, I'm sure, but I couldn't quite see.  Anyways, the impressive part for me was this constant stream of people carrying dirt up 6 stories (what we in America call the first story, here it's ground level).  No machines. No animals. Just people. Just bucket after bucket, one at a time. 

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